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About Us

Bank of Eastern Oregon was originally chartered in 1945 as the Gilliam County Bank, Arlington. In 1957 and 1959, operations were expanded to Heppner and Ione with the bank changing its name at that time to Bank of Eastern Oregon. Bank of Eastern Oregon is a state chartered independent community bank and intends to remain independent. The bank currently has less than 500 shareholders with no one owning more than 10% of the bank’s stock. Since its inception, Bank of Eastern Oregon’s primary mission has been to serve the agricultural banking needs of its customers.

Bank of Eastern Oregon believes in the intrinsic value that can be found in hard work, freedom, and openness of our agricultural core. That’s why since 1945, Bank of Eastern Oregon has worked hard to ensure that banking is available, accessible and meets our rural community’s needs. Our primary mission has always been, and will always be, to serve the banking needs of our customers by providing the right products at a fair price with great customer service. Our decisions are governed by our commitment and concern for our customers’ and communities’ way of life. We believe in the value of a handshake and provide unparalleled and unbiased service because we are you, your neighbors, and your community members. And, while we may have many branches, our roots run deep. For over 70 years we have been serving and investing in the people and communities of Eastern Oregon and Southeast Washington. We know that tradition and change are not absolutes, so while we stay true to our history, our eyes look towards the horizon, and we will continue to adapt to your changing needs. Over time, the one thing that will remain constant is our firm belief that our most important asset will always be you, our customers.